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Our project management experience and deep subject matter expertise can guide and support your organization’s projects to improve and transform its underlying financial technology solutions. A structured project management methodology is always employed to ensure solutions fully support underlying business requirements. The project briefs provided below are examples of how our consultants have helped other organizations reach their goals. Please
contact us for additional project summaries that may be more relevant to your needs and to discuss how van Rossem Consulting can help your firm reach its goals.

Business Process Assessment and Reengineering

Challenge - A large multinational investment advisor was facing increasing difficultly delivering accurate and timely investment reports to its institutional clients.

Results delivered – The consultant provided the necessary subject matter expertise and performed situational analysis to determine the appropriate recommendations. Institutional investment clients were interviewed to accurately assess the breath and severity of the client service delivery problems and to determine what changes would most improve the situation. The firm’s global client service delivery operations were then analyzed. A detailed report was then presented to the firm’s senior management that provided specific recommendations for reengineering the firm’s front and back office processes to better coordinate its global resources and systems across multiple time zones.

System Selection and Implementation

Challenge – A leading vendor of fixed income analytics and portfolio management solutions needed assistance bridging the client gap to implement its enterprise investment system.

Results delivered – The consultant provided project management support and investment operations subject matter expertise for process reengineering. The engagement included assisting the vendor and its client to identify current and future business needs by facilitating business exploratory sessions with both key project stakeholders and end users to produce detailed documentation of the current workflow environment. The consultant developed gap analysis documentation and further assisted the vendor and its client with the development and documentation of redesigned workflows to take advantage of significant functionality supported by the enterprise investment system. The consultant assisted the vendor and its client with the development of test cases and the management of the user acceptance test.

Solution Design and Development

Challenge – The vendor of a portfolio accounting system received a funded request from one of its key clients to develop support for additional asset classes that were not maintained within the system.

Results delivered - The consultant performed a gap analysis and developed the functional requirements necessary to augment the portfolio accounting system in order to support reporting of positions and the associated trade data for both the Real Estate and Mortgage Loan asset classes.